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"A curious walk with many sights along the way."

The trail makes a lovely walk for anyone who wants to get out into the country. With its ample links to public transport and its gentle gradients, the 34 mile, 54 kilometre jaunt makes a perfect length for almost anyone. Stretches of 6 to 10 miles can be separated out for those wanting easy walks, while the frequent villages make pleasant stopping points. 

On the other hand, the whole length makes a decent challenge for long-distance walkers who want to push themselves. As already mentioned, the gradients are easy. A gentle climb out from Winchester trundles along the Itchen Valley until it climbs out at Kitwood to the summit near Medstead. From there, it's a slow back downhill to Farnham. An overall description would be "gently undulating". The elevation chart is on this page.  2291 feet (700 metres) of ascent over 34 miles is not steep in anyone's book. 


As far as the views go, there are no sweeping downs with major panoramic views of the countryside, but plenty of glorious English farmland and unknown hamlets. A number of churches of all vintages dot the walk. If one allows small detours from the route, which the walkers taking their time will do, the opportunities are legion. From the market town of Alresford to the Hampshire Itchen and Worthy villages, stop along the way if you so choose and enjoy. Take a while at the start in Farnham and glory in the history of Winchester. 

For an interesting website on Farnham see - https://www.visitfarnham.today/

For Winchester check https://www.visitwinchester.co.uk/

Alresford can be explored http://www.alresford.org/

Check out Chawton and Jane Austin

Whatever you do, enjoy the Way.